Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Weekly Journal

When most people start writing in a journal it goes something like this: get motivated to write every day, try to come up with something insightful about every entry, give up after a few days or weeks, repeat. You end up with a very spotty journal. We can make your life much easier and your journal much better with a simple weekly journal.

Weekly vs Daily
Consistency is the most difficult thing with a journal. Therefore I recommend writing a simple once a week journal that simply records what happened during the week. This makes it really easy. All that you need is a few sentences. This might not seem like much but I promise that a very simple weekly journal will give you what you need for a really powerful and meaningful year summary.

Keep it simple
Don't stress to much about what goes in this journal. It doesn't have to be perfect. This weekly journal is simply to help you remembered what occurred during that week that you would like to remember. Again, It should only be a paragraph or two outlining events. Your emotions and thoughts should be kept brief in this journal and will get more attention in the Inspirations Journal and the Monthly Journal. I used to keep my weekly journal in actual written journal. I have found it so much easier to have a weekly journal notebook in Evernote. Evernote makes it even easier to track and write.

Don't miss a week

The most important thing is to never miss a week. For some reason, the difference between remembering what occurred in one week to two weeks is huge. I take 5 minutes every Sunday afternoon for the weekly journal. It is on my recurring Sunday to-do list.

Daily journals and even weekly journals aren't very good records to read later on in life or for posterity primarily because they don't provide a lot of context of the big picture. We are going to work on using the weekly journal as the building blocks for the monthly journal and in turn the year summary. In short, keep a simple weekly journal with only a few sentences. Next week: The Monthly Journal.

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