Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Monthly Journal

I started keeping a monthly journal in 2008 as part of a leadership program at Utah Valley University and I have continued ever since. The monthly journal is a powerful way to start to add context over time in your journal. What I mean by that is that it allows you to start seeing trends and big picture events in your life that you can't pick up by writing only daily or weekly.

This monthly journal doesn't have to be super long or profound. I recommend writing a page or two for the month. You can take the events from your weekly journal put them together and then write about any other trends or patterns that you didn't write about in your weekly journal.

Building a solid year summary journal will be so much easier with month by month summaries. In fact you could simply take you monthly journals and put them all together and call it your year summary if you like. I recommend going a bit further, however the monthly journal, if consistent, by itself is a very powerful journal.

Just like the weekly journal: don't overthink it. You will start to see bigger things by simply writing about a month as a whole that you won't see simply writing daily or weekly.

Next Week: The Year Summary Part 1-The Structure

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